Mapping Out a Plan

All parties require some planning and preparation.  A really good party, in my opinion, requires a lot of it.  For my brother and his fiance’s engagement party, I really wanted to do my first “dessert bar” table.  I looked and searched on online to get ideas.  Then, once I got a general idea of what I wanted to do, I created a diagram (yes, I created a diagram) of what I wanted to go on the dessert table and what I wanted it to look like. It may sound a little obsessive, but creating a diagram is actually very helpful. It reminds you what supplies you need to buy, what foods you need to make, what foods you need to pick up, and platters and dishes you will need or want to use. More importantly, it allows you to visualize the configuration of the dessert table and decide how much food you will need to nicely fill up the space. I do this for every dessert bar I create.



  1. I never thought to use a diagram, but are definitely going to start. Great tip; thanks!

    1. Sure thing! I always find them really helpful. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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