It’s the Little Things

baby shower

For my best friend’s baby shower, I didn’t get to throw it for her (her sister did), but I got to help!  As controlling and opinionated as I am, especially when it comes to putting together a party, it was a little hard for me to not be in the driver’s seat.  But her sister was very sweet and pretty laid back about the whole thing, so it really didn’t matter.

Even still,  I didn’t want to overstep any decorating boundaries.  I volunteered to put together a dessert table for the party, but decided to keep it simple.  I didn’t want to take any focus away from the rest of the food and decorations, and the baby shower altogether.  I did make a few little things though — cute popcorn labels, nice food labels on place card holders, a coordinating banner, to give the table some original touches.  It made the dessert table a lot more personal and very unique.


  1. Beautiful and inspiring! Love what you have for sale on Etsy too!

    1. Thank you for the kind words! I just started, both on Etsy and my blog, so it’s very encouraging to hear that!

      1. You’re welcome and good luck with the new projects! I think it will be super!

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