Think Outside of the [Party] Box

When I throw a party, I always try to think of something new to do — call it a new “party trick,” if you will. Whether it’s a themed dessert table, or a DIY station, I normally try and choose something that’s interactive. It just makes for a better party. It’s fun, and interesting, and gets people excited.

When it came time to figure out what I wanted to do for my birthday this year, I searched and searched the internet to get ideas. Here are 5 of the most original and creative party ideas I found, all of which I hope to eventually try:

1. Pizza Party – Who doesn’t love pizza? This would even work great with kids. Thanks to my cousin Monica for tipping me off on this idea. (Source:

party ideas

2. S’mores Station – So you don’t love pizza? Don’t say you don’t love s’mores. And using a Sternos to heat the marshallows, then surrounding them in rocks/pebbles…that’s genius! (Source:

party ideas

3. Wine and Cheese Table – I love the use of a chalkboard to label food and drinks. A cute and clever idea. (Source:

party ideas

4. Banana Pops Bar – You can’t go wrong with chocolate dipped bananas (or anything, for that matter) and toppings, toppings, toppings. (Source:

party ideas

5. Mixology Station – How cool is this? This is probably one of the most original party stations I’ve seen. (Source:

Perfume Bar

Have any party great party ideas you’d like to share? I’d love to hear it. Just leave a comment below.



  1. Life & Sunshine · · Reply

    they all look like a great time! the wine and cheeses table is so fun 🙂

    1. Right? I’ve gotta try one of these ideas soon!

  2. such great ideas! the pizza party would be great for a kids get together 🙂

    1. thanks so much! yes, i will my almost 3yr old would love making his own pizza.

  3. Love to add a themed activity to my parties too. Everyone loves “bars”. My daughter recently went to a spa party and created Sugar Body Scrub using everyday raw sugar and essential oils. I love the banana bar above, Im thinking about doing it for my sons next playdate.

    1. That’s a really cute idea! Might just have to use that one.

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