Banners for days

Just finished adding a bunch of new stuff to my Etsy shop –  (Photos by Paolo Sagullo)

Superhero/Comic book themed banner and cupcake toppers – I love the whole Superhero theme.  I will definitely be doing a birthday party for one of my boys using this theme in the future.

superhero theme

I’m always looking for something different to offer in my Etsy shop.  Photo props have become pretty popular lately, so I’m starting to make more of them.  They are a lot of fun!

photo signs

Something that people always love for baby showers is the Monkey theme!  Out of all the stuff in my shop, I think the Monkey get the most views.

monkey shower

A theme that I’m seeing a lot lately for baby showers and first birthdays is “Little Man.”  Mustaches, ties, eye glasses, what’s not to love?  For sure it’s different and unique.

baby shower

The pink birthday banner below was a custom order – flowers and butterflies.  I’m not used to all the pink (being a mom to 2 boys), but I was really happy with the way it turned out.  The banner below that is Mustache themed.  Another theme people seem to really love these days.


Thanks for taking a look at my work!  Hope you liked what you saw!


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