Counting Down to Halloween

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  I love the costumes, the scary decorations, and of course, the candy!  When I was young, since October 31st st is also my dad’s birthday, my parents would always host the Halloween family get together.  Now that I have kids of my own, I’ve taken over the hosting duties and want to plan a party my very own little monsters will enjoy.  It might still be several weeks away, but it’s never too early to start planning your next event.  Here’s what’s on my inspiration board so far:

Halloween ideas

1.  What’s Halloween without a candy display?  I love the various jar heights and different colored candy used in this one.  Makes for a great party focal point. (source

2.  It’s always fun to have a specialty drink for a party and this green concoction is perfect for Halloween.  For sure the kids will get a kick out of the smoke and steam from the dry ice!   (source

3.  With all the candy and sweets going around on Halloween night, it’ll be nice to have some savory snacks too.  It’s even better that these cheese crackers fit in with the Halloween color scheme. (source:

4.  A great way to dress up a table is with flowers.  These orange roses are just gorgeous, fitting in with the Halloween theme.  Don’t have a vase to match your party decor?  Use an existing one, or tin can and wrap it in patterned paper.  You can buy a sheet at the hobby store for just $0.50.  (source:

5.  The backdrop on this dessert table is to die for!  I love the orange paper pinwheels and the brown vase and tree branches.  This is something I definitely want to try and re-create for a party.  Even if it’s not for Halloween.  (source:

6.  How cute are these spoons?  I am obsessed with all things chevron, so when I saw these I knew I wanted to include them on my board.  (source–Set-of-12.htm)

7.  Of course, I always try to do some type of interactive dessert station at my parties.  Label all the food and candy something funny or spooky.  It will be perfect for the kids.  (source:

Now that the ball is rolling, I’ll soon start putting everything together for my Halloween party, creating some things and buying others.  What are some of the things you’ll be doing to decorate for Halloween?



  1. Life & Sunshine · · Reply

    Love the chevron spoons!!! Good find!

  2. Halloween is our family favorite holiday too! We have way more decorations for Halloween than we do Christmas. We live in a NYC apartment but it doesnt stop us from decoration “outside” Our apt door is quite the site to see for the kids in our building. We love hearing the giggles and shrieks on the other side of the door all month long!

    1. That’s awesome! Halloween in NYC must be something else!

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