healthy ice cream

I love finding recipes for healthier alternatives to some of my favorite foods. In our house we always have a couple quarts of ice cream stocked away in the freezer. And my two boys go crazy for it just at the mention of the word “ice cream.” So of course, when I saw this posted […]

superhero theme

Just finished adding a bunch of new stuff to my Etsy shop –  (Photos by Paolo Sagullo) Superhero/Comic book themed banner and cupcake toppers – I love the whole Superhero theme.  I will definitely be doing a birthday party for one of my boys using this theme in the future. I’m always looking for […]

cupcake recipe

Anyone can cook from a recipe, but it’s when you make it your own that makes it memorable.  When I saw my friend post this picture on Instagram, I knew it was a recipe (and story) worth sharing.  Just looking at the picture makes my mouth water.  I will definitely be trying out this recipe […]

When I throw a party, I always try to think of something new to do — call it a new “party trick,” if you will. Whether it’s a themed dessert table, or a DIY station, I normally try and choose something that’s interactive. It just makes for a better party. It’s fun, and interesting, and […]

Haven’t posted in a few days, so I figured I’d share a few things that I’ve recently done, and a couple things that I’m working on now. If read my previous post, you’ll notice these are some of the things I made for my son’s Hungry Caterpillar 1st Birthday party.  Clockwise from the top left: […]

dessert table

When my oldest son turned 1, I made the mistake of spending way too much money on his birthday party. I wouldn’t say at the time, but I’ll say it now: I spent over $300 on the cake alone, paying $10.00/letter just to have his name on it. Crazy, right? As a parent, when these […]

party ideas

When my plans for my celebrating my birthday fell through at the last minute, I decided to just have a small, intimate gathering at home.  Even still, I knew I wanted to do something unique and original.  I had just done a dessert bar at my son’s 1st birthday party last month, so I wanted […]